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Hi I'm Lemme!


Hi, my name is Lemme, I am head honcho here at Chelise


Then why is it not called "Lemme" I hear you ask?


Ok, ok, so I'm not head honcho.

But I do help Chelise loads, by sitting about looking all cute and stuff.

I also hear you ask, "Where did my name originate from?"


You know what, I have no idea

Doesn't seem like much thought went into my name

I guess Chelise is just too busy creating stuff to give me an amazingly, awesome, super duper, cool name.

Anyways, lemme show you all the awesome Chelise designs.... 

OMG, I just realised why I'm called Lemme!

So there was thought that went into my name, yay!

Now, LEMME, *giggle*  present to you, some fantabulous designs.

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